Enhancing spiritual esteem

Enhancing Our Spiritual & Self-Esteem
Offered through Rock Valley College Community Education

Explore the importance of understanding, accepting and working with our spiritual and emotional self.  We will explore  5 key areas of our inner self and the universe, and how these areas impact our relationship with ourselves, our earthly world, and the spiritual universe.  Class offers stories, metaphores, insights, discussion, and tools.  Helping you increase your understanding and growth of the dynamics and choice between your human and spiritual self.  ” The road to your soul is through your mind” 

Topics include:

  • Our Resistant Ego and Our Surrendered Spirit
  • The Need for Approval & the Rejection of the Self
  • Building Our Emotional & Spiritual Bank Account
  • Accepting & Living with the Continuum in the Universe & Within Ourselves 
  • Celebrating the Uniqueness of the Universe & Ourselves  
Instructor: David Schroeder, LCSW, CPC
Class location: Rock Valley College  3301 N. Mulford Rd. Rockford, IL
Day/Time: Thursdays Oct. 20 & 27  6:00 – 9:00pm
Fee: $50.00
Pre-registration through Rock Valley College Community Education
815-921-3900 or online
For more class info. call or email David @ 815-238-4521 or  

Power of Being

Power of Being: Unlocking Blocks to Potential 
Offered through Rock Valley College Community Education

What causes you to feel stuck, trapped or overwhelmed?  Do you feel uncertainty and fear?  Do you notice your energy being drained by it all?  This class offers information, exercises and tools to answer these questions and more. Gain a better understanding of why you show up the way you do and more importantly learn effective ways to shift your thinking and energy to unlock the blocks to growth and potential. 

Topics include: 

  • Two Types of Energy We Live With
  •  Seven Levels of Self-Leadership
  •  Four Main Energy Blocks to Our Potential
  •  Consciously Aligning Yourself to Values
  •  The Power & Energy of Your Thoughts & Words
  •   Importance of Desire, Belief & Acceptance in Reaching Potiental
  •   Meditations to Manifest Your Desire

Instructor: David Schroeder, LCSW,CPC
Class held at: Rock Valley College 3301 N. Mulford Rd. Rockford, IL
Day/Time: Thursdays Sept 22 – Oct. 6   6:00 – 9:00pm
Fee: $75.00
Pre-Regristration Through Rock Valley College CommunityEducation 815-921-3900 or online For class info. contact David @ 815-238-4521 or 

Why I love Fear & the Unknown

My work as a life transition coach and counselor, I love expanding my own learning, wisdom, growth, and making this part of my life purpose.  Than using this to assist others with their own learning and growth as they desire, this is very rewarding and inspiring for me.  We are all students and teachers to and with each other. 

I am passionate about challenging my ego’s desire for safety and comfort.  For there is no growth and meeting ones potential if I only want to be safe and comfortable.  There is no growth in staying in our comfort zone.  Growth happens when we are willing to go to the edge, go into the unknown and face our fears.  I have found that one of the biggest barriers to someones growth and potential is fear and what we perceive as the unknown. 

I assist people in helping them realize there are clues to our life and purpose within facing our fears and stepping into our unknown.  For when we face our fears and the unknown, we find our true self, inner wisdom, and potential.  

 Do you desire to discover your true self, tap into your inner wisdom, and reach more of your potential?  My coaching and counseling services assist people like you, who desire more out of their life, want to take life changing action toward self-mastery, growth and potential.

I would welcome the opportunity to partner with you, in moving through your fears and discovering what you fear in your unknown is actually where the answers and potential are revealed for you.   Contact David at 815-238-4521 or email.

1 Year – isn’t your grandparent’s stress.

Did you know that you & I experience more stress today in one year than our grandparents did in their entire lifetime.  To give you an example of this.  In your local newspaper, todays contain more information than a person in the 15th century would have gotten in their entire lifetime  If you are experiencing stress, change, or going through a transition.  Allow me to introduce how my services may be of value to you.  Greetings, I’m David Schroeder, LCSW,CPC.  I am a clinical and spiritual social worker and life transition coach.  I assist people who desire to heal their past and activate their future.                                                                           

Working together, my counseling services offer you pathways to heal your past.  helping you remove your unconscious blocks, creating a happier and more satisfying today.  My coaching service offers you unique pathways to activate your future that you can begin to live now.  Please call at 815-238-4521 or email me.

My 5 step coaching process

The Five Step Coaching Process:

We are greater and wiser than we appear to be.  Exploring and working this five step process helps you create a pathway to tap into the greater and wiser part of yourself and unlock your potential.  This wisdom and answers to our struggles and unhappiness always lie within us.  My role is to guide you in gaining awareness of your emotional and energy blocks and removing these blocks to discover your answers and potential. 

Be: Be who you desire to be.  To discover and Be in integrity and your authentic self.  Discovering and removing the inner blocks.  Creating pathways to Be the best version of yourself.

Look: You are encouraged to Look at what’s not whole and complete for you in your life.  To Look at the view and belief about yourself you have created within your experiences.  How this view and belief may no longer serve you, in fact it may be preventing you from happiness and potential.  How would you like to create an expended vision that creates that creates the best version of your true and higher self?  How would you like to see and realize greater life possibilities?

Feel:  We cannot heal or shift what we don’t feel.  Our feelings are the anchor to our humanness and the bridge to our higher and wiser self.  In this process you are encouraged to Feel what’s not whole and complete for you and to create possbilities to Feel and live more whole. and authentic.  Consider, our Feelings are the anchor to our humanness and the bridge to our higher and wiser self. The truth is our Feelings are the pathway to transformation. 

Do: Do what you desire.  What would you need to Do, to Feel and Be more whole and complete?  We work to discover how to Do more effectively, how to be in your process with increased energy and confidence.  Creating improved outcomes and greater life satisfaction.

Have: You have what you need, you just don’t belief and realize it.  What would you Have?  How would your life Be if you were to live whole and complete?  How would your life Be if you realized you Have what you need?  Let’s explore who you really are and discover what you Have.

Working together we create the safety, understanding, acceptance, compassion, and pathways to do your inner exploring in order to remove your inner blocks and discover your true and loving self.  In this transforming process you create and expand your possibilities and opportunities to create and Be the best version of yourself, and live a meaningful and fulfilling life.