Coaching – Activate Your Present


David Schroeder is a counselor and an online life coach. And he has a few important questions for you.

Are you ready to take life-changing action towards living your full potential? Would you like the structure and caring accountability that will help you clarify and accomplish your stated goals?

When you’re stuck in the here and now, personal coaching will get you moving towards your goal. Coaching acts like a laser beam to cut through delay and hesitation, and opens a path to the fulfillment of your potential.

In fact, research has shown that a coaching relationship elevates your capacity anywhere from 23% to 88%. In organizations, personal coaching has a 96% positive impact on individual performance.*

Like counseling, life transition coaching requires a willingness to stretch beyond your comfort zone. You will become more attentive to your feelings. You’ll learn to be more open and gain the ability to think, believe and act differently.

In me, you’ll have a caring partner who listens, and helps you realize, plan, implement and achieve the goals that have the most meaning for you—because they align with your developing life purpose.

While coaching is a non-directive process, meaning I do not direct you or our session (but rather allow it to unfold by asking questions and listening deeply to your answers), nonetheless I recognize that my presence has an influence. So does the way I see the world. To minimize my influence, I set a very broad context within which you can explore your options.

The value and beliefs I bring to coaching include:
–A whole-system body-mind-spirit approach
–We have more knowledge and wisdom than we think
–Everything is an opportunity and choice to grow
–Everyone is responsible for their own happiness
–All experiences happen for our greatest good
–Each person we meet is both our teacher and our student
–The answers and power are already within us
–Our greatest freedom is our freedom of choice

Who is my coaching for?

Individuals. Those who desire to transform their life. The transformation comes by accessing the opportunities from your life experiences and turning them into something that has meaning and purpose for you. Coaching does not help you heal from your past experiences, but when you feel hungry to create something more, coaching helps you create your new path and stay on it to completion.

Couples. Good communication is essential for healthy relationships. And good communication begins with understanding your own feelings, needs, and the feelings of your partner. In couples coaching we release the hidden barriers to authenticity and honesty. The goal is to create a sense of renewal through deeper and more fulfilling intimacy and connection.

Men.There is a particular quality to “men’s issues” that comes from lifetime expectations of enduring strength, repressed feelings and heroic breadwinner roles. Coaching is directed towards making greater connection with both the emotional and spiritual self that have been long ignored. The goal is to focus on the present, declare your values and successfully master the challenges presented with relationships, work and life experiences.

Organizations. I offer coaching for both individuals and teams, designed to help clarify and promote individual and/or group values and goals. I also have a group team building and change management program called “The Top 10 Hits” that addresses the ten major components and areas that occur during times of change and transition. It offers practical and effective concepts and tools for both the individual and organization while moving through change.  “The Top 10 Hits” is interactive, hands-on, practical, insightful and impacting. “The Top 10 Hits” is tailored to address areas of concern and struggle. This program is designed for both the individual and team in moving forward in trust, improved communication, problem-solving ability and more. Contact David for more information on these services for your organization. Coaching has an 87% positive impact on organizational performance.*


Sessions are 60 minutes in length at the Transition Pathways office in Grand Rapids, MI or by phone. Advance appointments are required. Coaching is most effective with a minimum 3-month commitment. Coaching begins with a discovery phase and agreement on the desired goals. Each session includes conversation, project development exercises and homework assignments. Together we create accountability milestones, or “inch pebbles,” so you always have a sense of initiative and forward momentum.Typically we meet twice a month by phone or in person. This arrangement can be customized to meet your situation.

*Stephen Neale, Lisa Spencer-Arnell and Liz Wilson. EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE COACHING. 2009. Kogan Page US, Philadelphia, PA