Working Together

You are probably wondering, “What is a life coach and counselor?” and “Will working with one help me?”

Once we agree to partner together for your well-being, I become your ally and guide, helping you clarify your own pathways to self-mastery.

I listen to your struggles and desires, helping you understand your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and especially your emotions, so you are better able to understand what’s keeping you struck and/or in struggle. I also assist you with taking charge of your life in a new and meaningful way.

Typically, we begin with assessing your present situation. As you tell me your concerns and struggles, I might ask questions like:

  • What do you want?
  • What is stopping you?
  • Where does it come from?
  • What can be healed from the past?
  • What needs activation for the future?
  • How would you like to grow in spirit?

Then, we define what a successful transition may look like, so we meet your needs by starting where you are now and finding the path to where you want to be tomorrow. I encourage you to discover your process for forward movement and help you work this process.


These are some results we seek:

    • You gain greater self-awareness with fresh insight as we illuminate your life experience
    • You have new tools to resolve challenges more quickly
    • Your energy, self-love and self-worth increase
    • You learn to look for what is not being said as an aid to improved understanding
    • You are more fearless with taking positive actions in the present
    • You are more free of the effects of trauma
    • You know how to set a goal and how to achieve it
    • You know that your life is definitely worth living
    • Your self-confidence and self-expression improves
    • You know that your life is on a better path
    • You attract more of what you truly desire, such as love and connection with others



My desire is for you to develop the inner capacity to implement these changes for yourself. In the Pathways Services section, you’ll find a number of ways I can help you, your family, or your organization.