Coaching – Awaken your Spirit

img-26As a spiritual life coach, I know that many people in transition inevitably discover at least one driving desire. They want to live with greater awareness, love, and from the heart center. And perhaps they also desire to find greater spiritual meaning to life.


Awareness includes a growing knowledge that everything in the universe is energy. It also means you desire to transform your energy to a higher and more dynamic potential. Understanding and aligning with this energy field you create greater awareness and connection to the universe and how it seeks to support you.

Your Source of Self-Mastery and Self-Leadership.

Spiritual Awareness Coaching – Helping you rejuvenate your spirit and discover your path. This coaching process helps you grow to greater inner peace, higher wisdom and profound love.

Ego Transcendence Coaching – There is an inner critic that resists the growth of spiritual awareness, so together we pinpoint its false assumptions and nagging voice, so you learn to quiet your mind and transcend the ego’s limiting beliefs whenever they appear along the inner road to spirit. This helps develop greater clarity, focus and determined choices toward growth and potential.

Energy Self-Leadership – It’s all about energy. Through dialogue and awareness energy self-leadership offers you greater understanding of how you work your energy by explanation of 7 levels of energy that impact happiness and interactions within your experiences and other people. Energy self-leadership teaches you how to sense your energy and ways to move it more constructively in order to harness greater inner peace self-confidence and potential.