Counseling – Heal your Past


Are you wondering if personal counseling can help you?

Do you sometimes feel depressed or desperate because your life isn’t moving forward the way you’d hoped?  Or find that you’re constantly criticizing yourself? Or struggle with having a sense of purpose or willingness to take action toward your purpose or desire?

These feelings and struggles are all signs of psychological and spiritual wounds. These wounds result from a broken relationship within yourself and with others. These broken places can become the source of your greatest potential.

This is what my life transition counseling service is for.

Seeking help is not a weakness. Instead it shows signs of strength, hope and desire for change.

My counseling services help you Recognize, Reconcile, Release and Reframe emotions and beliefs that block your confidence and happiness. I help you learn to more effectively cope with your struggles, feel self-confident in the world, and move forward in life.

I offer several forms of counseling, based on your desire and needs.

Psychotherapy – Through a supportive relationship of trust and rapport together, I assist you learning how to feel and respond to the wisdom of your body, mind and spirit. All life experiences are an opportunity for learning and growth. They are intended to be the “teacher” not the “enemy”.

I help people work what I call the 4 R’s: Recognize the problem. (Name it) and accept it. Reconcile (calm it), take responsibility for how it’s effecting you and how you are coping with it. I help you work through it by assisting you in creating a higher awareness and perspective of it, in order to Release it (tame it). You develop more effective coping strategies with a more constructive belief, greater self-confidence, toward making healthier choices to rise above it. Reframe it, You create a healthier version of the problem and yourself around it, as you move through it and release it in order to learn the lessons from the experience and grow from it.  You become able to change your thoughts, perceptions and beliefs about yourself—within the context of your own life experiences—so your true identity and voice emerge.

Change takes place from the inside out,  and at the pace of your choosing. By learning the concept of mindfulness, you create the opportunity to discover your inner confidence, strength and  power. That source is most often accessed when you learn to feel your feelings—and trust them—because ‘you cannot heal what you don’t feel. I will suggest and offer integrative therapeutic tools to assist in resolving your struggles. These techniques are designed to promote healing on the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and relational levels.

Brainspotting – “Where you look affects how you feel. ” A pioneering mind-body technique for healing trauma, eliminating emotional triggers and enhancing self-confidence. Brainspotting is a powerful, focused treatment method that works by identifying, processing and releasing core sources of emotional/body pain, trauma, and other challenging symptoms within the brain and body. Brainspotting activates memories held in the deep part of the brain that stores trauma. Through focused eye attention on the brain spot, client insight increases, disturbing symptoms are processed and released, and newfound awareness and possibilities are integrated.

EMDR: Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing – EMDR is a powerful and transforming process for relieving the symptoms of stress, low self-esteem, depression, fear, anxiety and trauma. A clinically researched and integrated therapy, EMDR uses eye movements (like the ones that occur naturally when you’re in your dreaming state) to help you target and process blocked information. That way your body-mind releases and reprocesses the stressful and dysfunctional images, negative beliefs, and physical sensations associated with past stressful or traumatic events. The EMDR process activates your innate healing system for inner resolution and a happier, more confident quality of life.

Integrated Breath Therapy – This therapy is a powerful and effective spiritual process which creates positive insights and life changes. Breath Therapy works with the breath as your life force, so you open to deeper levels of consciousness. It brings the unconscious imprints stored in your body to the conscious awareness of your mind. Breath Therapy helps you to uncover, release and reframe unhealthy beliefs, negative emotions and energetic blocks held in your body. By creating inner healing, you realize new insight, energy and self-confidence.

Spiritual Integration – Through dialogue and visualization your learn how your experiences have been created on a spiritual level to help your soul’s growth and transformation. This is how you build a stronger relationship to your soul and higher power. With these stronger relationships you will move through your earthly journey with greater awareness, purpose and ease.


Sessions are 60 to 90 minutes in length depending on modalities used. Advance appointments are required through my Grand Rapids office. Your first session defines problems to address, discovering you and your truths. Developing tools and strategies to address the problem. Throughout your therapy process, we explore your thoughts, perceptions, feelings and beliefs. Defining ways to change from the inside-out toward problem-solving and self-empowerment. Insurance is accepted; payment is due at the completion of each session. Special payment arrangements are available.