Workshops: A variety of presentations and workshops that promote many of the concepts and tools offered in counseling and coaching practice to deal with the many different transitions in life. Are you more interested in learning and growing in a group format? Perhaps the workshop setting would complement your learning and growth. If interested presentations and workshops topics are offered to community groups as well. For more information on these topics contact David through the contact section on this site
or call him at 616-666-9921. Here are some of the topics I present.

Upcoming 2019 Workshops

Just Be Love:
The Soul’s Journey

Presented by David Schroeder

Sunday Feburary 17, 2019  1- 4 pm

This interactive workshop will offer greater understanding of our soul’s journey with love, ways we forget we are love and ways to live more from our heart center and remember we are love. 

Join David, as he offers inspiring messages and interactive experiences, designed to touch your soul, open your heart and expand your mind.

David’s book was inspired by a mystical experience he had with Jesus. The writings are a series of vignettes on the human struggles and joys of love, as well as what love means and where it can be found from the Divine perspective.

“Just Be Love means choosing to look at our life experiences from the soul’s perspective, to allow for an opening to punch through our clouds of darkness and illusion, so the light and love of our divine essence can illuminate our experience and its intended life lesson for our soul’s growth.”

Place: Eagle Park Wellness Collective 3355 Eagle Park Dr.  Ste 107
Preregistration: By contacting David @ 616-666-9921 or email: [email protected]
Fee: $25.00

Just Be Love book available for purchase at event $15.00  Book signing during break and after workshop.

We are here to embrace the human journey and to discover within it, the deeper knowing of our soul. In this knowing, we come to a deeper and richer experience with God and our true self.”

 Conscious Relationships:
Expanding in Awareness and Love of Self and Others

                   Presented by
   David & Terese Schroeder
In these extraordinary times, relationships are becoming more challenging. We are being called to higher consciousness. In order to do so, we must recognize, reconcile and reframe our misperceptions and false beliefs about ourselves and our relationships. Join us on this journey of exploring and creating Conscious Relationships with others, and most importantly with ourselves.

Topics to be Explored and Exercises to Experience:

  • Relationships: The Teacher of Love.
  • What is the Higher Purpose of Relationship?
  • What is a Conscious Relationship?
  • The 5 C’s of Healthy Relationship.
  • Traits of Healthy & Unhealthy Relationships.
  • The Feminine &Masculine Dynamic of Love & Freedom.

Date/Time: Sunday April 14, 2019  1-5 pm
Place: 3355 Eagle Park Drive  Ste 107 Grand Rapids, MI.  Ste 107
Fee: $45.00  or  $80.00 per couple
Preregistration required: Contact David @ 616-666-9921 or [email protected]

David Schroeder, LMSW a been in private counseling practice for 15 years working with couples on a variety of relationship issues and concerns.

Terese Schroeder, is a licensed Massage therapist and has a strong learning desire for what makes relationship thrive in understanding and harmony.

Combined David & Terese offer a wealth of knowledge and practical experience on what makes a relationship conscious and healthy.

Other future workshops:

  • Enhancing our Spiritual and Self-Esteem
  • Just Be Love: The Journey of the soul. Based on book Just Be Love: Messages on the Spiritual and Human Journey.

1-2 hour presentations:
Understanding True Wealth
Humor and Health with Dr. Feelgood