2014 men’s retreat

A Gathering of Men

Fall Weekend Retreat

The Way of Self-Mastery

October 3-5 2014

He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himself is mightier still.—Lao Tzu

A retreat for men seeking greater understanding, spiritual growth and connection with fellow men. The weekend is designed for self and collective exploration, reflection and celebration.

 Retreat theme The Way of Self-Mastery. The spiritual masters of past and present have a way of being and living upon the earth. It is my understanding that many of the masters including Jesus often saw and affirmed the master in those they interacted with. We are all masters in our own way and essence. Michelangelo said, upon carving the statue of David, that David was already in the stone. Michelangelo’s role was to remove/chip away at the stone wall that hid David. We all have a wall and barrier built around us that hides and represses the mastership of us.

Through open dialogue and shared information, this retreat offers some of the common traits and ways of the masters and how they lived upon the earth. We will explore what we as growing and evolving men can do to more effectively live in self-mastery.

Facilitated by: David Schroeder, LCSW, CPC

Retreat dates: Friday evening Oct. 3 – Sun. Oct. 5 mid-afternoon

Site: Camp Emmaus Mt. Morris, IL

Retreat Fee: $125.00 includes retreat materials, 2 nights lodging, meals are pot luck with shared food expenses.

Registration deadline Sept. 24, deposit fee $50.00 required at time of registration  Contact David @ 815-238-4521 or [email protected]

Weekend includes meditations, soulful reflection and fellowship

Camp Emmaus is just east of Mt. Morris, IL off route 64, 34 miles south of Rockford, IL. Camp has 97 acres of wooded area along with a graceful pond, creeks and walking trails. accommodations in retreat lodge are complete with bathrooms showers, kitchen & dinning area. Sleeping area are bunk beds with mattress.

As a soul explorer, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Life Coach, David understands and works the task and tools to transforming wounds into spiritual lessons and self-actualization. His Practice Transition Pathways in Rockford, IL seeks to assist people in using their inner pathways to growth, healing and potential. For over 25 years, David has been assisting people in healing, personal and spiritual development. David has been leading men’s groups and retreats for the past 6 years, offering pathways to self discovery, growth and fellowship. He is also finishing his first book, Just Be Love: Messages on the Spiritual and Human Journey

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