A Gathering of Men spring Retreat

Masculine and feminine image2Mas and Fem imageTransition Pathways offers
A Gathering of Men Retreat

Understanding Masculine Energies:
Our Struggles and Strengths in Changing Times
May 3-5 2013  Bishop Lane Retreat Center Rockford, IL
While masculine and feminine characteristics are very different,
nature meant them to be complementary
The terms masculine and feminine are often misunderstood, undervalued and misused.
This retreat is for men seeking greater awareness and use of their own masculine strengths and qualities along with ways to better understand and incorporate feminine wisdom and strength in their lives.

In the spirit of fellowship and understanding this retreat seeks to enhance our perspective and actions with ourselves and others.  our retreat intent is to explore together the following topics and by way of discussion, exercises, experiential learning and integration.

Main topics

  • True meanings and cycles of masculine and feminine aspects: How this is changing our world today
  • Historical perspective of masculine and feminine energy: How it manifest in cultures and human systems
  • Understanding how our perceptions limit our true masculine characteristics
  • Exploring our resistance to looking at ourselves and discovering other discovering other masculine characteristics
  • The feminine energy: Why do I repress feminine aspects
  • Discovering the importance of achieving masculine and feminine balance toward and integrated self

Weekend includes meditations, being in nature, soulful reflection and fellowship

Bishop Lane Retreat Center is 5 miles southwest of Rockford, IL  The center has 200 acres of landscaped and wooded areas with full dinning, sleeping and workshop accommodations. Item required personal hygiene items, notebook, pen, open mind and heart.

Retreat facilitator: David Schroeder, LCSW & David Poust, MDiv
Fee: $180.00 includes retreat accommodations, meals and materials
time: Fri. May 3 6:00 pm to Sun May 5 3:00 pm
Limit: 18 open and seeking participants
Pre-registration required, deadline April 29th  $75.00 desposit required at time of registration.    

For more information contact David Schroeder @ 815-238-4521, email: [email protected]  or David Poust @ 815-238-6584 email: [email protected]

David Schroeder, is a clinical and spiritual social worker and life coach in private practice, he has over 25 years experience in the clinical and personal development fields  David has been leading men’s groups and retreats for the past 7 years.

David Poust, is a United Methodist Pastor, he has served various congregations in Northern Illinois for the past 15 years. David has extensive experience in various healing modalities, spiritual guidance and men’s retreats.


A Gathering of Men

Transition Pathways offers Men’s Group

A Gathering of Men

A ten session series
For men seeking greater understanding and growth 
of their emotional and spiritual self, through our relationships and life purpose

A time of exploring and discovering the true self
Topics and discussions are designed to stimulate greater inner
of yourself and each other, as well as promoting
individual and collective insights and growth

Topics include:

  • The journey of a men: What it means to be a man today
  • Breaking ground with our ego/persona, embracing the wounded parts
  • The Mask I wear: Mask making activity and the telling of the story
  • Encounter with our shadow: Acknowledging and accepting our imperfection within our perfection
  • Embracing our soul mate: Understanding and working with our Masculine and Feminine energies.  Being in relationship with self and others
  • Understanding & coping with life transitions
  • Remembering who you are: Reunion with your spiritual self

Group night: Tuesday evenings beginning Sept. 15, 2015 (Sept mtgs. 3rd & 5th Tuesday)
When: 2nd & 4th Tuesday of month for 10 sessions
Time: 6:30 – 8:30 pm
Fee: $20.00 per session
Limit: 10 participants
Site: Unity Center for spiritual Growth  6025 Ada Drive SE  Ada, MI
Group facilitator: David Schroeder, LMSW, CPC

To register or more information contact David @ 616-666-9921 or email [email protected].  David is a licensed clinical and spiritual social worker, professional life coach and owner of Transition Pathways. He has over 25 years experience in the clinical and personal development fields.  He offers men’s groups promoting self-discovery, growth and fellowship.  www.transitionpathways.com