Repeal and Replace

I’m not one to be too political, but lately things are just going over the top. Time to bring a higher level of governance that includes: love, compassion, integrity , inclusion, and the spirit into government and corporate America. We are destroying ourselves (country) from the inside out.

Let’s wake up and take this country back. Here’s some recent reasons why.

So Paul Ryan does a Trump like tweet about a women getting a whopping $1.50 more now in each paycheck.

Ryan believes this should be for her, like winning a powerball jackpot. As this women now makes $60.00 more a year thanks to this new tax bill.

Meanwhile, the Koch brothers or should I say Crooked brothers give Ryan a $500,000.00 donation for getting the tax bill passed.

This tax bill also gives Exxon Mobil millions in taxes cuts, and who was the former CEO of Exxon, none other than our current Sec of State Mr. Rex T., who likely profits big time from the shares of Exxon stock he owns. Wonder if he’s related to T. Rex.

By the way the tax bill was needed relief for the oil companies, as they are experiencing hard times with their quarterly and yearly profits… Not.

Shame on you Paul Ryan, the Republican Party and President Trumpy Dumpy. This does not make American great, only causes more divide and mistrust.

Do you realize the main promoter and deliver of “fake news” is our current president, with over 2000 lies during his first year in office.not mention lies during his campaign, remember he still believes Obama was not born in the USA. Mainly because he’s black and has an unusual name.

The recent release of the Nunes memo was another example of his own fake news and need to create distractions form his own crooked ways.

Its our government and corporations that need an overhaul. This is not love, nor a government of the people, by the people, for the people.

It’s only greed and abuse of power for the benefit of a few. Greed is power without love and wisdom.

Let’s Repeal and Replace the Republican party in March and November.

Maybe Repeal and Replace all parities and start over, creating a government at a higher level than the problem was created.

One that governs from the higher, more divine understanding and principles of love, wisdom, compassion, inclusion, heart and spirit. Just Be Love my friends, David

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