The Strength of Hope in Uncertain Times

In these current uncertain times, hope can be seen and used as a source of strength, a way to stay positive amidst life’s stress and uncertainty.

Hope is an attitude and the willingness to be patient, flexible and steady. It’s found in our willingness to trust our Creator, ourselves and allow for the process of life to unfold. Hope is the courage to face the dark and the unknown, both inside and outside of ourselves. It is the persistence and determination to keep going despite uncertainty. Hope requires that we stay positive and optimistic through the uncertainty and adversity.

Hope thrives from the attitude of gratitude. Gratitude, is the willingness to focus on what’s good and going right in our life.

Our fear and self-doubt will diminish our sense of hope. Causing us to become passive, even stuck in wishful thinking or stinkin thinkin. Which makes us idle in taking positive actions to generate what’s hoped for.

Our Will Leads to the Way

You’ve heard the saying: “Where there’s a will, there is a way.” Hope develops for us to discover the will and seek a way. Think of hope as this formula: Willpower + Way power = Hope. The power and determination of Will, along with the courage and commitment to find a Way, can create a positive and productive result.

Active Waiting

Hope is about the future, so, it requires waiting. Consider a concept I call active waiting. While waiting for my hopes to manifest, I am active in my waiting. I am doing things in the present that I believe will lead to what I desire in the future.

Another noteworthy description of hope is: The push of discomfort and the pull of hope. This means that when we push (step) into, engage in our discomfort (darkness/pain), we acknowledge and accept it. Having the courage to work through the uncertainty and/or pain; trusting in time, from the experience, the pull (energy) of hope and light will be experienced once more.

In these current uncertain times. Keep hope alive, by seeing this current challenge; as the teacher and opportunity, not the threat or the enemy. Accept the reality of what is, while remaining open and to unlimited possibilities. Realize, creation and growth happens from the darkness.

Rainbows occur when dark clouds, the rain and the sun all happen at once. All is needed for the light and beauty of the rainbow to appear. This is the way of the divine. Realize, that light and clarity, always surrounds what appears dark and uncertain. Stay positive and confident that the struggle will pass. The clouds will move on, and the sun will shine again.

Trust that the higher knowing of our Creator has our back, regardless of the outcome. Be curious, open and willing to understand the lesson and opportunity offered from the experience, for our soul and human growth and evolution.

May peace, love, hope & light always be your guide, David

David Schroeder, LMSW, CPC from Grand Rapids, MI., is a licensed clinical and spiritual social worker, certified life transition coach, and author of Just Be Love: Messages on the Spiritual and Human Journey. His practice, Transition Pathways helps people find healthy pathways to love, greater awareness and higher potential. Visit David’s website: David’s book, Just Be Love is available for purchase through the publisher: Global Summit House email: and If you would like an autograph copy of his book, contact David by email: [email protected]